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CHAPLIN - Complex Harmonic Polylogarithms in FORTRAN

The FORTRAN library CHAPLIN enables you to numerically evaluate Harmonic polylogarithms up to weight 4 for any complex argument. It is presented in arXiv:1106.5739.


  • Numerical routines to evaluate any Harmonic polylogarithm of weight lower or equal to four.
  • Straightforward interface to C/C++ code.
  • Installs a shared library on you system, either globally or in a local directory.


Version history:

  • chaplin-1.2: Fixed two sign errors when calling HPL1 and HPL3 at x=-1.
  • chaplin-1.1: Some optimizations in the basis functions to speed up function calls. Fixed some bugs appearing when compiling with g77 or with the flag "-fno-automatic".
  • chaplin-1.0: Initial release.

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Last updated 2013/01/10